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The Pedestal Fund

Will you be part of building a well-prepared and educated workforce across Greater Richmond by providing critical funding for college? Contribute to scholarship funds already managed by The Pedestal Fund or create scholarships in your own name.

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Fund college scholarships through Podium RVA

Managed by Podium RVA, the Pedestal Fund addresses Richmond's college equity gap through professional development and endowed scholarships, now offering multi- year, need- and merit-based scholarships to deserving high school seniors. Started in 2020 by Robert and Anne Waldruff with a generous gift, support for the Pedestal Fund has doubled since its creation. Because of the incredible collaboration of many caring community members, Podium awarded its first Anne F. Waldruff Excellence in Education Scholarships to three incredible college-bound seniors in May 2022.

Why now?

  • Low income students cannot afford 95% of colleges
  • State support is down; tuition is up. Families are in debt.
  • More than 50% of college students who drop out do so for financial reasons.
  • Over 90% of Podium high schoolers pass their 11th grade reading and writing SOLs and graduate on time.

They deserve more.

“As of today, and because of Podium, I am officially a Virginia State University Trojan. Let me say this another way. Because Anne F. Waldruff realized her dream, the inaugural scholarship helped me realize my dream of becoming a debt free Virginia State University Trojan. I am enrolled as a freshman, class of 2026."

- Lael Washington, 2022 scholarship recipient

From L to R: 2021, Scholarship founder Anne F. Waldruff, scholarship winners Lael Washington, Kameron Belfield, and Shaniece Gentry.

Lael Washington attended Podium's program at the Southside Boys & Girls Club, Kameron at Armstrong High School, and Shaniece at George Wythe High School. All three are attending Virginia State University.